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Onrica's Solutions for You

Onrica Messaging
With Onrica Messaging, you will directly communicate with your buyers, suppliers, and business partners. You will also directly receive all your product inquiries, and orders made by buyers to you. You can also communicate with Onrica Team for support.
RFQ Market
Onrica provides you a market where, as a Buyer you will post your customized product requests for quotes. On the other hand, as a Supplier you will send your quotes directly to the requests made by buyers.
Request Management
As a Supplier or Buyer, in both cases, you can post requests for customized products to receive quotes from Suppliers. Beside posting requests, you have full control of your requests and can manage your requests the way you want with more, other features.
Quote Management
As a Supplier, you can browse through our RFQ market for requests and send your quotes to requests that interests you. Furthermore, you can manage and control the quotes you made the way you want.
Store Management
Onrica comes with a virtual store where you, as a Supplier, can post your products. You have full control of your store and the products in it and the way you manage it.
Company & Product Promotion
Suppliers and Buyers on Onrica will have the opportunity to promote their company to potential customers throughout the world. Moreover, Suppliers will have more opportunities by ranking their products higher and gaining more traction.
Search Engine
Every user on Onrica can search and filter through products at any situation. Users can search and view a specific product and also will get suggestions based on search query you write.
Analytics & Insights
Onrica will provide its members with annual and/or semi-annual industry reports. Furthermore, Onrica will analyze all your data and behavior related to your products, quotes, and requests and provide you analytics and insight summary.
One-on-one Support
Onrica is ready to support its users and members at anytime. Onrica's Support team will be happy to provide its members one-on-one customer support. You can also contact Onrica's Support Team through Onrica Messaging, email at, or by directly calling us.

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