Ethiopian Hararri Sheeps الھرري
Ethiopian Hararri Sheeps الھرري
Ethiopian Hararri Sheeps الھرري

Ethiopian Hararri Sheeps الھرري Ready to Ship Livestock And Meat Ethiopia

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

1000 Unit

Price per Unit

$54.00 - $63.00 / Unit

Posted at

Jul 20, 2020


Eastern Region Age: 1-2 years Vaccinated Before shipment Route: via Djibouti

Payment Methods

Letter of Credit

Shipping Methods

Sea Freight

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Company Name

Hammed Livestock Export





Business Category

Exporting & Importing Business

Company Description

We Export finest livestocks to international markets specially the middle east. from Camels, Cows, Goats and sheeps. livestock resources scattered over diverse agro-ecologie which are reared in the lowlands and the highlands.

Our in our farms are constructed for well-planned buildings suited with feeding bunk and water drums which is sourced from sourced from boreholes, deep wells, dams, rainwater, and rivers.

we handle logistics with care by delivering the cattles by trucks which are well ventilated and temperatures are regularly checked.

Before reaching the sea port all cattles are Vaccinated to prevent them from diseases.
All and all, we produce organic live cattles with the highest quality.

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